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Thursday, June 19, 2014

How Americans like their politics

Americans seem to like our politics rather Captain Kirk-like--all emotional and "go get 'em!", clearly.

Between Fox "News" and now all the mainstream media outlets--CBS, NBC and ABC. If there are yelling and interrupting sessions and exclamation points and rude outbursts.

Sure, more of us could watch PBS and get good, intelligent, calm, two-sided information but, no, we want our screaming sessions.  We want to be entertained.

And we know it.

I am reminded of this nearly daily, if/when I am ever exposed to today's media.

Then I read things like the following, from The New York Times or nearly any news program on PBS, especially and including the Nightly News and/or Charlie Rose.

So with all the emotional hand-wringing and gnashing of teeth at and by Fox, it's always nice when I run across something far more logical, analytical, calm and logical--Spock-like---as here:

A Balancing Act on Iraq

President Obama has, so far, struck the right note on Iraq, where Sunni extremist militants are seizing territory and threatening the existence of the state. He has been cautious — emphasizing the need for political reform in Iraq and reaching out to other countries that could have an impact on its fate.

Trouble is, we don't want hard facts, really. We want conclusions. We also want articles and columns that already support our pre-supposed conclusions, sans supportable, actual data.

If Americans really wanted to learn about Iraq, Iran, Syria and the Middle East, as we should, they should watch this film clip, in full, totally undistracted.

Former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell - Businessweek

Most Americans won't watch it, but they should.

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