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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

HUGE news yesterday

It hit late last afternoon:

Eric Cantor Loses GOP Primary. 

Wait, What!?

That is some big, even incredible news.

The ultra-Right Wing of the nation, of the Republican Party, the Tea Party and all of their ilk just keep cannibalizing the Republican Party and each other.


What they don't seem to know is that it weakens them. What they also don't know is that it strengthens the opposition party.

What they also don't know is that all this is better--far better--for the nation, too.

And I love this.  The guy who beat Cantor is named Brat.

That seems to me worthy of Charles Dickens.

And why did the Brat (you should have seen that coming) defeat Mr. Cantor?

Turns out, it may have been due to Cantor's nod to possibly accepting immigration reform. That's bad news for the mainstream Republican Party, also, because the core of the Party realized, rather reluctantly, that they need more and more of the Hispanic vote if they expect to both grow, as an organization, and most importantly, win future elections.

One more thing good for America here is that Mr. Brat only raised an estimated $150,000 in his campaign.

Mr. Cantor?

It's estimated Mr. Cantor raised $5.5 million.

The big money got tossed.

Even though it's the Tea Party, I'll still take that as a bit of a small win for America.

So, the coming 2016 election?

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