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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Question for The Kansas City Star

The StLouis Post-Dispatch rather quickly--and wisely, I think--ended publishing Right Wing columnist George Will after his first article on rape that was strongly anti-women.

Now, Mr. Will is at least "doubling-down" on his comments and defending them:

George Will Stands By His Incendiary Sexual Assault Column

I love that he also tries to blame, in this video, the Obama administration for his situation.

So the question is, Star, how soon until you do the same?

It's not about following the "big brother across the state" or that big competitor or anything like that.

He has defended rape and rapists and belittled the situations of rape and possible rape.. Additionally, there are plenty--plenty--of Right Wing, Conservative columnists out there to choose from, heaven knows.

What part of this man's writing could or would you possibly want or want your readers to have now?

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