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Sunday, June 18, 2017

"Small Government", Republican, Right Wing Governor Goes After State's Women

Here we go again.

Yet one more Right Winger, another Republican who runs and ran on the promise of "small government" and lower spending but what's he do?

Stacey NewmanEstimated $160,000 being spent on Governor's  special anti-abortion session

A bit from the article:

$20,000 per day of your taxpayer dollars in order to a) repeal the St. Louis City reproductive anti-discrimination ordinance (how on earth does that affect any other community?) and b) pass more unconstitutional restrictions on abortion providers.

So, first, he wants to legislate still further on and about women and women's reproductive rights. It's typical very Right Wing behavior, certainly, but that doesn't make it any less repulsive or hypocritical. 

"Small government"? Governor Greitens wants it so small it reaches into Missouri's womens' and couples' private, reproductive lives. That's how "small" they want their government.

And never forget, never forget, the procedure they're wasting all this time and energy and our tax money on is a very legal one. It's been legal since 1973, famously.

Someone needs to remind this guy and all his fellow Republicans of what has now become a cliche' seen all over the internet and that is that Roe v Wade wasn't the start of abortions in America. 

It was the end of women dying by them.

Meanwhile, I-70 is an ignored mess that needs updating and modernizing and repairing and hopefully, one day soon, maybe widening so we're all safer out there and maybe we can do more business, more commerce and more pleasure travel, thereby creating more jobs, too.

You think maybe they could work on that or one of the other many and very important issues before the state?

Here's hoping.


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