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Friday, June 23, 2017

Mounting Opposition to the Republicans' Obscene "Trumpcare"

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I've been heartened this morning over what I've seen out in the world today of opposition already to this monstrous "wealthcare" bill the Republicans created. Here is just some of that opposition.

Groups opposing the American Health Care Act

According to this page of Tennessee Congressman Jim Cooper, "Over 50 organizations oppose the proposed healthcare plan that will make Americans will pay more for less. The list includes nurses, doctors, hospitals, teachers, churches, and more."

And thank goodness.

Here are just some of those organization from this link.

This next one is wonderfully ironic.

Get that.  The AHCA is against this AHCA. I love that. 

Here's more:

Even state employees are united against this nightmare.

And that's just a partial list of groups opposing.

The media coverage of the opposition to the bill is mounting, also.

Fortunately, even some Republicans in Congress realize this bill is a virtual train wreck, even for themselves, let alone us out here, their constituents.

Keeping in mind it only takes four of them defecting to kill the bill, too.

The fact that they created this healthcare stealing, tax giveaway to the already-wealthy is bad and scary enough. Fortunately, the light of day and information about it is swiftly creating opposition to it.

And rightly so.

Please contact your Congressional representative, especially any Republican. Tell them you're against this AHCA of theirs, that it takes away health care options from Americans--because it does--while it gives yet more tax cuts to the already-wealthy and corporations.

Thank you, in advance.

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