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Friday, June 2, 2017

Quote of the Day -- On a Cleaner, Healthier Planet

From a friend's page on Facebook.

As long expected, Trump pulled out of the Paris Agreement, a worldwide pact to curb the devastation we are inflicting upon our planet through greenhouse gas emissions. In doing so, his administration once again put the needs of lobbyists, crony capitalists, and feeble short term gains over the health, well-being, and safety of us, our children, and future generations. We now join the illustrious ranks of Syria & Nicaragua as the only countries not a part of the Paris Agreement. Rather than being on the cutting edge of technology & discovery that would energize our economy and make us truly a world leader, we are shrinking back to the shadows, making conspiracy theories our policy bedrock, paranoia and disfunction our driving force, a dying fossil fuel industry our bedfellows. We are nowhere close to being great again...we are being openly mocked by our allies, openly challenged by our enemies...a shallow mockery of a great nation who once landed on the freakin' moon!

Over 70% of our population, including many oil and coal executives, fully support our inclusion in this agreement. The audacity of this President to put the needs of a few corrupt politicians (22 GOP senators who received over $10m from big oil urged Trump to back out) over the will of the people shows his utter tone-deafness, his infinite pliability, his unbridled ignorance.

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