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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Hope for the Left, In Spite of Yesterday's Loss

What Political Party Am I Quiz?

Okay, sure, Jon Ossoff lost yesterday against Republican Karen Handel in Georgia's 6th District.

You wouldn't think anyone in this nation could say, publicly, in the middle of a political campaign, as Ms. Handel did, that she's against a living wage and still win an election but here we are.

That said, even with knowledge of yet one more loss today, last evening, there are two things to keep in mind. First, there is this from the  New York Times a few days ago (link below).

If Mr. Ossoff wins the election, Republicans can argue — with some credibility — that Georgia’s Sixth was a particularly ripe opportunity for Democrats at a time when Mr. Trump’s ratings among college-educated voters have sunk into the low 30s.

But even if he loses, Mr. Ossoff’s strong performance has already demonstrated that Republicans in well-educated but traditionally conservative areas now shoulder the burden of Mr. Trump’s weak performance. It suggests that previously safe Republican incumbents in Orange County, Calif., or the suburbs of Dallas and Houston could face serious challenges next November. And most important, a close race in Georgia’s Sixth suggests that control of the House is in play, regardless of which candidate comes out on top.

Second, next, there is this today, from Professor Robert Reich's Facebook page.

As the national political and media world focused heavily on the Georgia race, an underfunded, overlooked Democrat, Archie Parnell, also a first-time candidate, almost pulled off a huge upset in the South Carolina seat vacated by Mick Mulvaney, Trump’s budget director. Parnell lost by about 2,800 votes, a little more than 3 percentage points, after party leaders decided to devote all their attention in the run-up to Tuesday’s elections to the Ossoff-Handel race.

Bottom line: Democrats are doing extraordinarily well in traditionally red districts -- and have an excellent chance of taking back the House next year.

So take heart all you Liberals (libruls), Lefties, Democrats, Progressives and Socialists out there. There is cause and room and reason for hope.

We just have to get out there and work our tails off.

And VOTE, of course.

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