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Monday, August 4, 2014

Who really makes up the Republican Party---factually

First, the information comes from one Steve Marmel's Facebook page but second, I love that the original quote it's based on was actually said on---GASP---Fox "News" Sunday.   Heads must have been spinning.
Steve Marmel
Politifact rates the idea that the people who want the President impeached are all "Old, white and far right wing" as "mostly true."
Sometimes pointing out the obvious is unintentionally hilarious.
Juan Williams, on Fox, said that the people who want to impeach Obama are all white and all older and all are in the right wing of the Republican Party. "All" is going too far.
But the publicly available polling shows that the people who support impeachment are more likely to be white, conservative and older. In one poll, about a third of the public supported impeachment, while about two-thirds of tea partiers said they did. In another, 40 percent of whites supported impeachment compared to 10 percent of African-Americans.
The polling data bears out the general thrust of Williams' claim. We rate the statement "Mostly True."

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