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Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Intelligent, Uncomplicated Social Security "Fix"

Don't let anyone, in any political party, tell you Social Security is going or has to go broke. It's nonsense.  And the solutions aren't that difficult at all. It's not complicated. And no one needs to truly suffer, to fix it.


Fix Social Security Now said...

Mo, Sander's quote was taken from 2012, which is Trillions of dollars out of date.

Keep writing on the subject, but you need to get fresh data.

Mo Rage said...

That may be but my point here is things can be done and should but that first, Congress is doing nothing and second, fixes are available and third, the fixes aren't that difficult.

Social Security needn't go broke and shouldn't be, in effect, dismantled or thrown away as some in the Right Wing seem to want.