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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Quote of the day -- on Ferguson, Missouri, Racism and Freedom of the Press in Today's America

I saw two things last evening on the awful Ferguson, Missouri situation this past week. This is the first:

'Get the F*ck Out of Here!' Riot Police Threaten to Shoot Reporter in Ferguson

Then, from Facebook, FB friend and Kansas City photographer Roy Inman wrote this, on a completely different thread:

A person can be DETAINED for up to 24 hours without charges in most jurisdictions. It is a typical law enforcement technique: Using intimidation to discourage the truth being told. In my 60 years of knocking around the news photography trails I have observed that whenever someone does not want photos taken that person has something to hide. There are no exceptions. You see, dear fb friends, The Camera is a wicked tool, a device abhorred by dictators, would-be controllers of society. It can be brutally honest, totally revealing, unflinching. It can show the grotesque, blood-dripping raw fangs of oppressors in a way that mere words never can. Although in some corners of the Earth writers are put to death or imprisoned for what comes from their pen. Let’s face it: NONE of us likes to hear the truth about ourselves. If the truth is revealed about those in power, with the most guns, things can get nasty quickly. 

Trust me. #chicagopoliceriot1968

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