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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Hometown Sprint Gets Trashed

And they get trashed nationally and internationally, it seems. This from the New York Times today:

Since becoming the chief executive of T-Mobile US, John J. Legere has been known for being outspoken. Still, as his company held merger talks with Sprint for much of this year, he was noticeably restrained in criticizing his rival.

But when Sprint officially announced on Wednesday that it had abandoned its plans to buy T-Mobile, Mr. Legere took the gloves off on Twitter.

“Is Sprint a melting ice cube? Looks like it to me. Join the cool brand now!” he taunted in one post.

“Join T-Mobile now and jump off the Sprint bus before it crashes,” he wrote in another.

Pretty fascinating stuff, really, since Sprint also just announced it's finally getting rid of what will likely, fortunately be the last Hesse family member to run the company.

Can you imagine talking to people and a company FOR A YEAR, just to have it all thrown away by that other side?

Anyway, the article goes on to explain how there aren't any other possible partner/suitors for Sprint and how they have  "had to grapple with steady customer losses as it spends billions of dollars to upgrade its network."  


All the while, the article goes on, it seems T-Mobile may still have suitors.

The article finishes describing Sprint's current situation (it's a good, comprehensive article and worth reading to know about Sprint and the larger markets, nationally. It finishes describing Sprint's current situation, with a new leader:

“The incoming C.E.O. is really going to have to resurrect the brand and come up with some new ideas.”

It could happen.

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