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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Missouri, our children, high school, privacy and the military, all in one

It seems the Gestapo Right Wing just can't get enough of their "small gubmint" and their ability to reach into people's lives.

How much more ironic and hypocritical is this?

It seems the state wants more and more of our children to be automatically tested for a career in the military while they're in high school:

Check this from Truthout earlier today:

The Missouri School Improvement Program, which is set to take effect beginning with the 2014-15 school year, establishes five standards of accountability used to rate school performance. The third standard calls on high schools to administer the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery Career Exploration Program (ASVAB-CEP) to determine whether students are "College and Career Ready." 

The ASVAB is the entrance exam the military gives to recruits to determine their aptitude for various occupations. The test also is used as a recruiting tool in 11,700 high schools across the country. The ASVAB is the most important component of the Pentagon's school-recruiting program because it provides information on the cognitive abilities of students, something the Department of Defense cannot purchase or find online.

Participation in the ASVAB-CEP allows high schools to take advantage of the career exploration component of the testing regime while prohibiting the release of ASVAB results for recruiting purposes. ASVAB results include three hours of test data, sensitive personal demographic information on children and Social Security numbers. There are no privacy protections built into the Missouri School Improvement Program. ASVAB results are the only student information leaving Missouri's schools without providing for parental consent.

We can't just let our children go to school, we have to automatically have them tested for the military and share that information with that same military and the government.

Weimar Germany would have loved this.

First we'll have them join the Boy Scouts and wear their little brown shirts and get ranks and badges and such, then, once in high school, we'll automatically test them for the military.

Sure, that's perfect.

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