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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Capitalism vs. Socialism

I got yer ugly, crazy Socialism right here:

5 Ways Norway Is Better Than Your Country

  • Access To Higher Education Is Free
  • Norway Invests In Its Citizens
  • Progressive Prisons
  • Norway Does Socialism Right
  • Norway Is The Happiest Country On Earth

Norway has national health care, 

a 12-month paid maternity leave law, 

universal socialized pension system, 

and tuition free higher education. 

Despite the “cradle-to-grave" welfare, Norway has a budget surplus, little national debt, and navigated the rough seas of the global financial crisis with hardly a rocking of the ship.

Short story: the happiest country in the world is the most socialist.

Suck it, Right Wing, Republican, Libertarian, Tea Party corporatists.

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