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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Kansas Republicans, trying to outdo Missouri Republicans (on stupid)

Yessirree, in the Mo-Kan, bi-state battle for the more ignorant legislation to come out of a state capitol, Kansas Republicans have just today bested and one-upped their counterparts in Jefferson City.

Stand back, ladies and gentlemen, as the Kansas Right Wing is fighting today to make discrimination legal in that state:

Kansas Bill Allowing Businesses to Discriminate

And not only did they vote to make discrimination a-okay here in America, but they're basing it on religion, as good Christians would because, after all, isn't that what Jesus would do?  From the article:

The Kansas state legislature has voted to allow businesses and government employees to discriminate against homosexuals on the grounds of their religious beliefs.
The measure passed an initial vote by a wide margin of 72 votes to 42. If it passes another vote today, it will go to the Republican-controlled state senate where it will likely be passed.
House Bill 2453 would allow businesses like restaurants, hotels, bars and stores to refuse service to a homosexual person or persons if “it would be contrary to their sincerely held religious beliefs.” It would also allow government employees to refuse to issue wedding licenses to homosexual couples without threat of a lawsuit. If an employee does refuse to provide a service, the state is required to find another employee who will serve them as quickly as possible.
And did you get that last part?  You have to love that--all you have to be is "sincere."
I can hardly wait now, to see what those kooky, Right Wing, "small government" over-reachers will come up with over in Jefferson City, to try to outdo this beauty.
Remember back, years and years ago, when America used to be AGAINST discrimination?

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