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Sunday, September 8, 2013

You wouldn't think this would even be possible

Not only is it possible, however, it is law.

The corporations and wealthy paid our representatives to create these laws so it's possible for these things to take place and, conversely, we now need them to make laws making the following illegal:

1) End tax credits for US companies that send American jobs overseas.

This one is difficult for any but the truly cynical to believe. You wouldn't think our representatives could be paid enough to create a law making tax deductions and credits for taking American jobs offshore, would you? Yet that is, in fact, the law of the land.

To make matters worse, the Democrats have brought up bills in Congress, in the past, to overturn this BUT THE REPUBLICANS VOTED IT DOWN.

And we're tolerating this nonsense?

 2) End tax deferral of the foreign earnings of US corporations. They must be paid as earned.

Same thing here. You wouldn't even think this is a law, let alone that we can't get it overturned.

 3) End tax deductions for foreign investment by American companies. Our tax dollars can not be used to create jobs overseas.

Again, ditto.

(Shaking head in frustration).

 4) Require all government agencies and the US military to purchase products and supplies made in the US

This requires action by Congress. Unfortunately, they're still getting "campaign contributions" from the very people who wanted these laws in the first place.

 Contact your representatives in Congress today -

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