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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Our elections and government aren't already too flush with money

Now there's a chance the Supreme Court will make our campaign contribution extravaganzas even worse.

I just got this email this week:

In less than a month, the Supreme Court will take up a case called McCutcheon v. FEC  that would strike down some of the last remaining anti-bribery limits and usher in an era of unlimited corruption. It's Citizens United Round 2, it's a disaster, and if it stands, you can say buh-bye to whatever's left of our representative government.

Can you imagine yet MORE money flowing into our elections, buying our representatives and elections?

I didn't think I could.

Link.  Go here:

And here's a petition you can sign:

With your help, we can stop this case. Court precedent is with us, but we need to show them that the public is too. More than 10,000 Represent.Us members have already added their names and comments. Please add yours.

Add your name to our demand, then add your own comments.

Demand that the Supreme Court — the People’s Court — represent the people. All of us. Not just the greedy moneybags trying to bleed America dry. Politicians from both sides of the aisle are on the record in agreement that The Court's Citizens United decision created nothing short of a disaster. 

This will be worse.

The Represent.Us campaign is more than just a petition, it’s a plan to take America back, and make no mistake — we are going to win. When we do, the American Anti-Corruption Act will make cases like McCutcheon irrelevant. But right now, we need you to add your name to help win the day:


Another link:

Shaun McCutcheon, et al. v. FEC - Federal Election Commission

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