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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Three huge, recent developments to give one hope

Three things have taken place recently and really, if you think about it, they really could give you great hope.

The first is that we have, to date, avoided war, or anything like it, with Syria:

First things, first on this one, too.  Don't think for a minute I'm foolish enough to think or believe a) this is a done-deal or that b) it will be easy. It won't.  It will at least take some time for Assad and Syria to get rid of its gas weapons, if they even do at all but, that said, we came perilously close to bombing Syria.
But we didn't. 
And we aren't.
And that's a good thing.
That's a VERY good thing.
Making it even better is that Russia and their leader, none other than Vladimir Putin jumped in to make it happen.
He knew we'd do it and knew, also, it would only hurt Russia, besides their partner.
This is a big, big good thing.
The second good thing to happen to give one hope are all the good signs coming out of Iran and from their new leader, President Hassan Rouhani:
The truth is, there have been so many good signs and public statements coming from Pres. Rouhani lately, I can't even post them all.
And he's due here next week.  He and President Obama are to meet and talk.
Fantastic stuff.  Inconceivable, not that long ago.
Finally, the third good thing happening of late are all the good signs and, again, quotes, coming from the new Pope and head of the Catholic Church:

Pope Francis: Church too focused on gays and abortion

If only the Republicans in this country could do the same.  That is, realize they're too focused on social issues like gays and abortion, for starters, but make less stupid, divisive, ugly statements and work, instead, to get America back to work, maybe we'd really be getting somewhere.
If we can just get beyond the Republicans' stupidity and attempts at ending the Affordable Care Act and shutting down the government, and get them, instead, working for the benefit of ALL Americans and not just the wealthy and corporations, we might really be making some breakthroughs.

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