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Friday, September 6, 2013

Further proof on the good of "Obamacare"--and a great question for Kansans and Missourians

The Right Wingers are going to hate this little gem:

Kaiser study finds 'lower than expected' ObamaCare premiums

And from Forbes, the Right Wing, Conservative, business mag/rag:

And Bloomberg, also very business-friendly:

Just some of the findings:
A 25-year-old New Yorker earning $25,000 a year will pay as little as $62 a month for health insurance next year, and a peer living in Vermont may pay nothing, according to a 17-state survey of premiums under the U.S. health-care overhaul.

The Kaiser Family Foundation report is the broadest look yet at what consumers will pay for health insurance when the Affordable Care Act takes full effect next year. The cost issue has been a top concern for President Barack Obama’s administration, which is trying to persuade at least 7 million Americans who now lack insurance to sign up for coverage starting Oct. 1.

California and New York are among the states that have announced rates for the plans to be sold through marketplaces called exchanges. Republican officials in states including Ohio, Indiana and Georgia have released partial information on premiums, emphasizing big increases for some customers.

“There’s obviously intense interest in what the choices are going to look like for consumers and what they’re going to have to pay in 2014,” Larry Levitt, a senior vice president at Menlo Park, California-based Kaiser, said in a phone interview. “For the most part insurers seem to find this market attractive and they’re pricing accordingly.”

The health law sets up a system of state-based online and telephone exchanges that will sell insurance from companies including UnitedHealth Group Inc. (UNH) to people who don’t have coverage at their jobs. The law makes government subsidies in the form of a tax credit available to discount monthly premiums for people with low- to moderate-incomes.

So the question is, to all the Kansans and Missourians and all the other Right Wing, Republican, "red" states, do you really want to be left behind in all this?

Do you REALLY want to keep paying unnecessarily high--and higher--rates for health insurance, for the same coverage?

Do you?



Anonymous said...

Wait until you start paying the premiums dumbshit!

Anonymous said...

"The study did not seek to compare expected premium prices under ObamaCare to current prices on the individual market but stated that 15 of the 18 areas examined had premiums below the level most recently projected by the Congressional Budget Office. "

So, the fact that its HIGHER than private insurance but LOWER than what everyone was saying is a good thing?


Mo Rage said...

Thanks for writing, however angry and cowardly, both, you are. (Idiot and "anonymous" in one note).

The fact is, the facts are, in state after state, the Affordable Care Act is driving the price and cost of premiums down, however much you don't like and/or want to deny it: