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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

What a Trump Presidency Begets

We warned about this guy, this Trump. We said he didn't have the temperament or experience for the job and he's already proven he wasn't up for it. He even said it was harder than he thought. So now, today? What's happening? What do we get?

Asian markets mostly down as dollar 

continues to fall

That's all bad enough. Now for our own markets. This just broke.

How long until our own markets are hit, and drop, given the uncertainty and unpredictability that is Donald Trump and now, his Presidency?

Again, even Republicans themselves warned about Donald Trump as President.

It's as I wrote earlier.

How long, America?

How long are we going to put up with this boob of a President? You deserve better than this, America. We all deserve better than this. Much better than this. We need better than this. We need logic and calm and thoughtfulness and deliberation and all the things that go with maturity and experience and familiarity with national and international politics and history and all the rest.

How long, America?


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