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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Donald Trump Even Scares People on the Right

From none other than the extreme Right Winger himself, Erick Erickson, yesterday in the Washington Post.

"The president exudes incompetence and instability. Divulging classified information to the Russians through bragging; undermining his staff’s defense of his conduct through inane tweets; even reportedly asking the FBI director to suspend an investigation of a former adviser — all these strike me not so much as malicious but as the ignorant actions of an overwhelmed man. Republicans excuse this behavior as Trump being Trump, but that will only embolden voters who seek greater accountability to choose further change over stability. The sad reality is that the greatest defense of the president available at this point is one his team could never give on the record: He is an idiot who does not know any better."

Read the entire article here:

And think happy thoughts, campers.


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