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Friday, May 5, 2017

Republican Handiwork, This Week Alone


I first started writing this blog as reaction to the George W Bush administration and what I saw as the horrible path and paths they were taking us all, as a nation, on. Since that time, there have been other deplorable things done, certainly, and by others as well as Republicans, individually, and the by the Republican Party, collectively. But this presidency, this Trump Presidency and his Republican cohorts in Congress are doing the most damage and on tge most issues, I can ever remember. Herewith is just a sampling in the last few days.

First, they had to vote to take money away from the working and middle and lower classes, by voting for corporations, instead, taking away overtime pay for us, their constituents. They did this two days ago.

Then there’s this from yesterday.

They’re voting to repeal Obamacare which will have the results of kicking millions of Americans off health insurance plans, as well as putting back into place the possibility and capability of health insurance companies to deny coverage to us out here on the basis of pre-existing conditions.

Their bill is so bad, they didn’t even want to let the Congressional Budget Office, the CBO, to look at, evaluate and report on it. They just voted on it and pushed it through. It’s that bad.

And what's really crazy?

The House Republicans voted on their replacement for Obamacare BUT THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT'S IN IT. It was reported last evening on PBS.

Next up, as though that alone isn’t bad enough, is this, also yesterday.

Church and state? Not a problem for this President. He actually WANTS religions mixing their beliefs with their---our—politics. Well, unless, of course, that religion is, oh, I don’t know, something like Muslim? Fortunately, even some in the religious community realize this is a mistake and far from a good idea.

Not done there, they figure that pesky 2008 near complete financial collapse corporations caused shouldn’t be guarded against so they want to repeal the banking regulations that grew out of it. This came out also yesterday--they were busy.

Finally, as if all that isn’t enough, Trump’s head of the VA wants to shut down Veterans Administration facilities.

If it’s closing unused and/or empty facilities, sure, I am, we are all for it. If that’s the case. Reportedly, there are 430 vacant buildings and 735 that VA Secretary David Shulkin describes as “underutilized.” If that’s the case, God bless ‘em. If it has to do with closing working, important facilities, even one, there should be problems.

So that’s it. For now. For today. Once again, the Republicans and Republican Party show they are all about and working for the already-wealthy and corporations and not for the American middle- and/or lower-class, the working class.

Fortunately, even some on the Right Wing, some Conservatives, are pointing out what we warned of before Donald Trump ever became President. Well known columnist George Will states what no Democrat or person on the Left could point out.

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