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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Congress Actually Does Something

I see that, today, from an post on Senator Roy Blunt's Facebook page, he's congratulating himself and our other Senator Claire McCaskill, for getting something done in Congress this week.

Blunt-McCaskill Bill to Make SteGenevieve a National Park

Great. Another National Park. In an election year. A National Park that, next year, when the election is over, Republicans won't fund. 

Meanwhile, the Senators and all of Congress are about to go on a 7 week "recess." 

Read: vacation.

But have they worked on the national budget we need?

I doubt it.

And one thing they absolutely HAVE NOT worked on, nor will, is an infrastructure/ jobs bill for the nation.

Sure, our nation's infrastructure--our roads, bridges and highways, at minimum--have been underfunded and neglected and ignored now for some years and they all need repairing and improving and updating but are the Republicans in Congress going to give America and Americans an infrastructure/jobs bill?

Oh, heck no.

Forget that we need all those repairs and updates. Forget that I-70 is an unrepaired, far-too-narrow dangerous threat of a main artery that cuts across our state. Forget that Americans need the jobs. Forget that the economy could use the boost. Forget that it would make Americans safer in our travel. Forget that it could make even business easier to make happen. Finally, forget that improved infrastructure actually makes the nation stronger, healthier while war spending, Defense spending is money down a rat hole that weakens us.

What's important is that the Republicans in Congress, in the Federal and state governments, too, across the nation, take care of themselves and their own offices and their own sources for campaign contributions first, and Americans and America, second, if even then.

It's Republican Party first, make no mistake.

I love how they call it "recess", too.  Note they don't call it vacation. Can you imagine if you had a job where you had multiple times off work, that you created yourself, and one of them was seven---count 'em, 7---weeks long?

We should be so lucky.

And we Americans tolerate this nonsense.

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