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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Happy Birthday, Roy Inman!

Yes, indeed, wishing a very happy, happy birthday to Kansas City's own professional photographer and area history recorder, Roy Inman.

Roy Inman

Roy Inman Photographs | Facebook

No one has documented this city or area or region and people any more or better than you, sir. Thank you and kudos to you for your work, all these years. Terrific stuff.

For, I believe, all his working life, Roy has been photographing and documenting Kansas City, the metropolitan area and region, at least. Some of the best photos of and in the area were captured by him. It was only last Fall, Roy got on top of Union Station, for just a moment, just a shot and got what I believe most everyone in the area thinks is the best photo of the celebration there for our world champion Kansas City Royals. (Go to his Facebook page to see it, at least. It's also available for sale).

If you follow him on Facebook, you will frequently get some terrific Kansas City and local history as well as information on past trains and planes from the nation and world. It's interesting and fun, frequently.

So, again, happy birthday, Roy Inman and thank you for all the years you captured us and our city. We appreciate all you've done and all you've captured for us.

As an extra, added bonus this year, I know you are aware the President and Royals are giving you an extra special gift, too.

Champion Kansas City Royals to visit 

White House July 21


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