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Friday, January 2, 2015

We Americans don't really know just who we are

It's my contention Americans don't know who we really are, given what we do, collectively, as a nation.

For one, we have, far and away, THE MOST EXPENSIVE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM IN THE WORLD, bar none. The most expensive. It's obscene. Because of it, because it's tied to profit, more people go bankrupt due to health care costs and bills than any other source or reason.

Second, WE OUTSPEND EVERY OTHER NATION ON THE PLANET WHEN IT COMES TO SPENDING ON WAR. We spend more than any other nation, many times over, for spending on bombs and bombers and bullets and guns. Immoral. Highly immoral. Again, obscene.

Finally, we IMPRISON MORE OF OUR OWN CITIZENS THAN ANY OTHER NATION, per capita.  Check out these statistics:

Louisiana imprisons three times as many people per capita than Russia does and about five times more than Iran. The state also has a booming private prison industry. You do the math. -Beyond Bars

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