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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Missourians, you and your government are being bought---and sold

Ladies and gentlemen, voters of Missouri, it's important you know the name Rex Sinquefield and that you know what he's done, what he's doing and what, it seems clearly, he's attempting to do with, about and to your government.

Check out just these 2 headlines. First this one:

Sinquefield gifts to Hanaway governor bid at $900K 

It seems Mr Sinquefield has already decided who he wants--and who we should have--for Missouri's next governor so he's ponying up nearly 1 million dollars for her.

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) – Wealthy political activist Rex Sinquefield’s donations to Republican Catherine Hanaway’s campaign for governor have reached $900,000.
Campaign finance records show Sinquefield this week gave Hanaway another $10,000, the 10th straight week he’s given her that amount.
The recent donation comes after an October contribution from Sinquefield for $750,000 and another for $50,000 in March.
Most of the more than $1.1 million she’s raised so far this year has come from Sinquefield.
Sinquefield is a retired investment firm founder who has been one of Missouri’s most active political donors in recent years. He has backed efforts to cut income taxes and revamp public school teacher evaluation methods.
Hanaway is a former U.S. attorney and Missouri House speaker who is the only declared GOP gubernatorial candidate for 2016.
Then, next up, this little beauty int this second headline:

Missouri's big money man gives $1 million to 2016 Potential 2016 Candidate

Another day, yet another 1 million dollars from this man, to the candidate of his choice for Missouri.

Wealthy financier Rex Sinquefield appears to have made his choice for Missouri’s next lieutenant governor:  Bev Randles, chairman of the Missouri Club for Growth.
Sinquefield is backing up his support with a $1 million check into Randles’ newly created exploratory committee, set up Monday. Randles says she will spend months talking to fellow Republicans to decide whether she has adequate support for a 2016 campaign.
Sinquefield’s check appears to be the largest single donation to a candidate in Missouri history.  The check was taken to the Missouri Ethics Commission when Randles' paperwork was filed, and should be on its web site within 48 hours, her spokesman said.
Randles, a Kansas City lawyer, said in an interview, “Rex is one donor. He represents one vote. He is not going to be the only person who contributes during this exploratory phase.”
But Sinquefield's huge check could discourage other candidates in either major party from running for the post. His support for Randles may send a message to incumbent Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder, a Republican serving a third term.
"...Sinquefield's huge check could discourage other candidates..."?  Could? Seriously?

What else is it going to do but discourage other candidates? 

Can you imagine if you're current Lt. Governor Peter Kindle, considering a run for your fourth term? On the one hand, sure, you should have name recognition but if your opponent already has a million dollars in their campaign war chest, with more, surely, possibly available both from Mr. Sinquefield's rather deep pockets, along with anyone and everyone else who might contribute to your opponent's campaign. that's formidable. You have to at least think twice, if not give up entirely. That is already a daunting candidate, even before the campaign has begun. You'd have to overcome not just getting your name and message out but also all the time it would take, raising money, in an attempt to keep up.

I'm not aware of any other state where just one person, one very wealthy person, is trying so thoroughly to buy the government representatives and so, the government he wants. 

Lucky you, Missouri.

But then, it was "lucky Missouri" that got its campaign contribution limits taken down a few years ago, by the Republicans.

Indeed, lucky us.

Here's this rich guy, this Rex Sinquefield, trying to buy not one, not just the highest office in the state, but two---the highest and second highest offices in Missouri.

How's that for chutzpah?

The thing is, now this lack of limits is even hurting Republicans and high profile ones, at that, since Lt. Governor Kinder is, of course, a Republican.

How's that for Karma coming back and biting you?

The fact is, the time has long since come for Missouri to put back up campaign contribution limits. 

Secretary of State Jason Kander has campaigned for bringing back campaign contributions limits---and he's correct---but it's tilting at a bit of a rather Don Quixote like windmill because he's a Democrat and there are all those Republicans in the Statehouse in Jefferson City. It's important we Missourians need to stand up, stand with Mr. Kander and say "Enough!" 

We can't continue to let the wealthy and corporations buy our legislators and government.

We just can't.


Martin Sinclair said...

Kansas City’s own home grown talent Eddie Griffin was in a very funny movie Undercover Brother (2002). There is a scene where he says: “You are telling me every conspiracy theory I have ever heard about the white man is true?” If Jeb Bush (God forbid) is elected president in 2016, I will be saying the same thing and getting fitted for an aluminum fedora. Excellent essay and I thank you for posting it. I saw Lewis Lapham speak many years ago warning about these people like Mr. Rex Sinquefield with the caveat that these people have no sense of history nor do they have an ideology but are only driven by their own self-interest. The sad thing is that Mr. Sinquefield is a minor player compared to the people on the national level who are controlling American politics from behind the curtain.

Again, excellent essay, I am glad you posted it.

Mo Rage said...

Thanks for looking in, reading and your comment.

We have to fight this clown and his and everyone else's big money, certainly.