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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Missouri, Learning Nothing From Neighboring Kansas

First Kansas slashes taxes on the wealthy and corporations--you know, the old Right Wing "tickle down" ideas--on the promise it will bring business, people and money to the state and its coffers.

It fails miserably.

You think Missourians in Jeff City would see and learn anything from it?

Not really. They still wanted to slash those taxes down at the Missouri State Capitol.

Now?  It seems Missouri wants to do the same thing, again. That is, Missouri legislators are proposing already-sponsored legislation Kansas enacted and has some experience with.  First, what's being thought of and maybe proposed in the Show Me state just now:


Lawmaker wants 75 mph limit on some Missouri roads

And as I said, Kansas beat us to this. And here's their results:

Photo of Kansas State Capitol Building

Folks? May I ask a question? Please?

Can we learn nothing?

And another.  Why would we go down this path?

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