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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Things Learned From the Internet

The internet and communicating with more people has taught me three things, minimum. 

First, I've learned that sexism concerning women , to some--lots of, really, far too many--men doesn't exist or take place to those men when/if they don't see it and aren't aware of it.

It's the same way racism to and on and for blacks doesn't exist to so many whites in this country. If they can't see or understand it, it doesn't exist or occur. It's playing out, right now, in Ferguson, Missouri and all across the nation.

Finally I've learned that voicing a hope for a higher plane of thought, less sexism, less racism, etc., is a sure way to be labeled a "prude" or an "elitist" or a racist or "reverse racist" or untold numbers of what are deemed to be insults by the giver.

People can be stupid.

Be kind anyway.

And have a great weekend.

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