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Thursday, November 13, 2014

The disrespect--and lies--heaped on and attributed to this president

This is the kind of character assassination President Obama gets now. It used to nearly exclusively come from the Fox Network (I refuse to call it news). These all came, on the same day, yesterday, from Yahoo "News":

Obamacare advisor apologizes for saying "stupidity of the American voter" helped law pass

Jonathan Gruber, an MIT economist and key architect of the Affordable Care Act, suggested in a recently-surfaced video clip that "the stupidity of the American voters" helped Obamacare pass. 

Obama to Unleash Deluge of New and Costly Climate Regs 

President Barack Obama is gearing up to unleash a torrent of new climate regulations in the next few months and there will be little the Republican Congress can do to stop it.

Lies, deception, fraud: Obamacare architect drops bombshell 

With the bombshell admission of the main architect of Obamacare that a series of lies were told to the American public to get the new healthcare law passed, conservatives have been vindicated. 

It's pretty unconscionable.

Most people won't read beyond the headlines and worse, far too many will just believe the most negative these headlines and clips suggest, without doing their own homework and reading more into each area.

You'd think he'd lied to the nation about weapons of mass destruction and drug us into a war or somethingg.

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