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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Check out what's coming from Right Wing, Republican, "Conservative", "Small Government" Southwest Missouri

Check out what just came out of Southwest Missouri---and don't think it won't be headed your way:

If this isn't a rights travesty, I don't know what is. Check out the details:

Numerous arrests were made during sobriety checkpoint Friday evening.

The four-hour checkpoint at the intersection of Kansas Expressway and Broadmoor Street involved more than 900 motorists.

According to a news release, this was the first checkpoint in which the agencies utilized a "no refusal" program announced by Greene County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Patterson earlier this week.

This new program is an effort to help keep impaired drivers off the streets.

It is called a "no refusal" policy because all arrested impaired drivers who refuse breath testing are subject to blood testing for alcohol if a judge approves a warrant. The ability of law enforcement officers to submit their search warrant applications to judges electronically make this process both easy and relatively quick.

The checkpoint was funded through a grant from the Missouri Department of Transportation, Division of Highway Safety.

There are so many things to say about this, I'll do my best to be brief.

And understand, up front, I have personally been the victim of two drunk driving accidents where the person smashed into my car. My own injuries were extensive in each, too, so I'm not against keeping drunks or drug addicts off the streets and out from behind the wheels of cars, don't get me wrong.

What I am patently against here is the presumption, from the outset, of sobriety checkpoints, first, and then, this second, added feature of a "no refusal" policy for a breath test.

What part of "innocent until proven guilty" do these people not understand?

This is what we've come to in America? Personal rights be damned, full speed ahead?

And I love that they got everyone on board here, too--the county sheriff, the local police, the highway patrol, the whole kitten-kaboodle. I'm surprised the Boy Scouts of America weren't asked to participate. "Sure! Get 'em all on board! Let's show 'em how we treat rights in America!"

Whatever in the world happen to Fifth Amendment rights and the Presumption of innocence?

I say again, this is supposed to be Right Wing, if not extreme Right Wing, very Republican, very "red", "small government", "conservative" Southwest Missouri and Springfield. Where are these Gestapo tactics coming from?

I think people ought to organize down there in Springfield and the surrounding area, Greene County and others, and go straight for the next weekend checkpoint. Then, when they're pulled over, all say the same thing: "No, I won't take a breathalyzer test. I've done nothing wrong. I know my rights. This is America, after all."

Then, let them drag them all, hopefully hundreds of them, into jail.

I'd join that party.

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