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Monday, October 13, 2014

The problem is also that there are far too many Michael Browns in this country

It's one thing that one young person, a young man, Michael Brown, was unarmed and shot and killed in St. Louis recently, sure. That's bad enough.

But the problem is, there are far, far too many Michael Browns in this nation. It's horrific enough a shooting, let alone a killing takes place once but it happens repeatedly here. As examples, here are just a few recent headlines from around our nation:

North Carolina officer shot unarmed man 10 times

Officer Randall Kerrick faces manslaughter charges on Tuesday for allegedly shooting dead a car crash victim in Charlotte

Police say they have no evidence of foul play in the hanging death of black teenager Lennon Lacy. But in a case with disturbing racial overtones, his family are left with haunting questions

Gym mat death of Ga. teen still being questioned

And then there's Trayvon Martin and all the others we've already forgotten.

How is this possible?

How are all these things and all these incidents and all these horrors possible?

And yes, how are they possible even once, let along repeatedly?

Who are we that we're capable of these things, time and again, too, especially after all this time?

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