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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Quote of the day -- on Republicans, their work and goals

From a Facebook friend:

They shoot down young men in the streets, some handcuffed and shot, some surrendering and shot, some running for their lives and shot, and we sit there.

They pay our workers less than a living wage and we watch, but action is missing. They try and curtail our votes or liberties and we watch TV and sigh 

They insult our intelligence with saying public education does not work, but we were once the envy of the globe through public education. 

They buy up our duly elected officials through a system of graft and payoffs and call it, lobbies.

They Gerrymander districts to disenfranchise our votes and elections and we sleep in apathy. 

They poison our rivers and fresh water supplies, through fracking and no one seems to give a frack.

They overcharge for medical help, and put us in debt to keep healthy and we allow this. They pass anti democratic voting laws to curtail votes from elders, students and minorities. They want white voters only then they can pass laws for holding down the rest.

They rewrite US history to make us more docile, by covering up the fact that dissidence formed our union, and social progress occurred and justice served, through our civil disobedience, as we watch football and allow it.

They disrespect women, and pay them less, and treat them as chattel or call them sluts for wanting birth control covered by insurance, and we nod off.

They disrespect our leaders that have a populous agenda and we watch and shrug. 

They cry foul when wages are raised, and work hard at convincing us 7.25 an hour is a living wage. 

They push us for more weapons in the hands of whites, but beware if a minority is caught with one. 

They send more people to prison over less, than any country in the history of mankind and we scratch our heads. 

They are called the Republicans and Tea baggers, and if they have their way democracy will die, and we will become an oligarchy, with these sick ass greedy monsters like the Koch's in control... Is this America? Or is it time to hit the streets make them see what our powers are, the Powers of the People..

Rise up and let them hear us, or watch them smash us into John Birch, KKK, and ALEC loving fools..

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