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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Entertainment Overnight --- The Cure does McCartney

I just learned this evening that there is a CD coming out soon--"The Art of McCartney."

That would be Paul McCartney, of course, of "The Beatles" fame as well as his own, solo career, with and now without his wife Linda. (She passed April 17, 1998).

I listened to some of the other pieces and found them pretty unremarkable. I found I didn't need to hear Alice Cooper sing "Eleanor Rigby", for instance. I'd hoped Willie Nelson singing "Yesterday" would be a revelation or fun or touching but it just wasn't there for me.

This one, however, The Cure singing "Hello Goodbye" was true to their own style as well as the song. I enjoyed it.  Perhaps you will, too.

It is to be released November 18 but can, of course, be pre-ordered now. Google it, you'll find where you do that.

Link for more info here:  The Art of McCartney: Home

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