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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Why we need a jobs/infrastructure bill from this Congress (guest post)

And we need a jobs/infrastructure bill badly.  And as soon as possible.

From Robert Reich's Facebook page today:

Republicans call any measure that lifts wages or protects workers and the environment a “job killer.” 

This is pure bunk. 

(1) Even if such measures increase business costs, most companies can afford them without reducing payrolls. Corporate profits now account for the largest percentage of the economy on record. 

(2) We need more jobs that pay decent wages, are safe, sustain the environment, and provide a modicum of security. If seeking to achieve this minimum level of decency ends up “killing” some jobs, maybe those aren’t the kind of jobs we ought to try to preserve in the first place. 

(3) Businesses create jobs only when they have enough customers, and lay off workers when they don’t. The real job creators are consumers with enough money in their pockets to buy what businesses have to sell. The real job killers in America are lousy jobs at lousy wages.

(PS: "
Inequality for All" is now on Netflix. Watch it and help build the movement).

Write your Congressman about jobs and a jobs bill from Congress, this Congress, today or as soon as possible, please.  For all of us. For America, Americans, American jobs and for a better, healthier US and even world economy. You can find your representative here:

Contact Elected Officials |

Thank you in advance.

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