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Monday, March 31, 2014

The so-wrong Right Wing

First it was the Right Wing and Republicans thinking and, of course, saying "IMPEACH!!" against their favorite target--the black guy in the White House. This in spite of the fact he's done nothing whatever remotely illegal or "against the country."  Heck, he's even done fewer Executive Orders than virtually EVERY recent president.

Now that same, foolish, irresponsible "IMPEACH" movement has moved to the state level.

And it's come to Missouri:

Missouri House panel takes up Nixon impeachment articles over gay marriage, guns and special elections

It seems Governor Nixon here in the state has upset the Republicans on not just one but, count them, three different issues. This from The Kansas City Star today:

One article seeks to impeach Nixon over an executive order directing state tax officials to accept joint returns from same-sex couples who married legally in other states.

Another asserts Nixon did not move fast enough to call special elections for vacant legislative seats. The third complains there was insufficient punishment of officials involved in a dispute over the handling of concealed gun permits.

It seems the Republicans can't work with anyone and it's proven especially true for the far Right and the Tea Party members. To heck what's good for the people, what's good for your state, in this case or, on the Federal level, what's good for the nation. Forget all that. It's all about what you, individually, perhaps, and your political party, however small and/or extreme, want for your political area.

This is not constructive. This is not positive for the state or nation. This is the opposite of progress.

It's destructive. It's negative. It's very much like a grade school lesson we all were to have learned years and years ago.

We all need to get along.

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