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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

HIgh speed trains? In Missouri??

According to this article, that's what it's saying, that there are to be high speed trains in California, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri and Washington, all as early as 2016.

This new contract means the US is finally really getting high speed trains

From the article:

Siemens and Cummins, a German engineering conglomerate and American engine manufacturer, want to help you shoot across America on high-speed rail. Beating out U.S. bids from Caterpillar and GE, Siemens won a $226 million contract to deliver 32 diesel-electric trains as soon as autumn 2016.
The trains will be used on routes Amtrak is planning in California, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, and Washington. (Illinois in particular is working on its Chicago­–St. Louis line, with max speeds of 110 mph, according to the AP.) If all goes well, Siemens could build another 225 trains for the U.S.
When you put this in light of articles like these recent ones, it's enough to give one hope:
First Chicago to St. Louis, then St. Louis to Kansas City, then, finally, Kansas City to Denver?

Wouldn't that be outstanding?

It might be enough to maybe get that expatriot from Kansas City who lives in Virginia (who shall remain nameless) to wet his big boy pants.

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