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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Why blacks don't trust police

To white people and people of more money who don't understand why some, at least, black people don't or even can't trust police, this little beauty just happened recently, up the road, in Omaha:

More from the original, fuller article:

Caught On Tape: Minor Parking Violation Ends In Police Brutality

Watch it all the way to the end.  It's nearly unbelievable. you keep thinking the police won't escalate the situation--or the stupidity--any further. You almost can't count how many officers show up, just to arrest two men. And the second truly was just exerting his rights and was in no way breaking any law.  Even then, that's not enough, they call in a helicopter.  It must have been a slow day in Omaha. The police needed entertainment.

If you look at the end of the video when the person sweeps up and down, back and forth on the street, you'll see that 12 police cars and all those police responded to two law-abiding men, minding their own business.  Nice, huh?

Never let it be said it doesn't suck to be either black or poor in the United States of America, even now, as late as the year 2014.

If I'm either of the two men who were arrested, I'd immediately file civil and criminal lawsuits against each and every one of the officers who responded, with damages.  Lots and lots of damages. Then I'd sue the police department and city.

Thank goodness for cellphones and video.  It's becoming the minority's and poor's best defense.

Against the police.

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