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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Governor Brownback: How's that "hopey/changey thing goin' for ya'?

All that change Kansas Governor Brownback and his Republican buddies in the statehouse foisted on Kansas and Kansans and all his "hopey/changey" programs, as Sarah Palin so eloquently put it?  How is it going?  First, Not well, not well at all and second, it's still all on the backs of Kansans. This business survey just came out this week:

IndexKansas to see slower growth in first half of 2014

Business conditions in Kansas improved slightly in December, but the state can expect slower growth for the next six months than in 2013, according to an economic index.
The Kansas Business Conditions Index had a reading of 54.5 in December, up from 51.5 in November. The index runs from 0 to 100, with readings about 50 percent indicating growth. It is calculated using data about new orders, production and sales, employment, and inventories.
And the additional ironic thing about all this is that this was all supposed to help him get elected president.
Like that's going to happen.

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