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Thursday, January 16, 2014

America: How long do we do nothing?

List of shootings on school campuses since Newtown in Dec. 2012 
- via ABC World News with Diane Sawyer:

30TH SHOOTING AT AN AMERICAN SCHOOL SINCE NEWTOWN: Two children are in critical condition after a shooting today at a middle school in Roswell, New Mexico. Witnesses say a 12-year-old student shot a 14-year-old classmate in the face:


Sevesteen said...

Misleading, as usual from Moms Demand Action:

Apostolic Revival Center Christian School - gang retaliation shooting. Happened near school and victim expired in parking lot. School and students were NOT targeted.

Hazard Community and Tech College - domestic violence in parking lot. Man shoots ex and kids during custody exchange. School and students NOT targeted.

Chicago State University - after school shooting at BB game after fight breaks out among attendees. School and students NOT targeted.

Loan Star Community - fight between two people. School and students NOT targeted.

Price Middle School - school resource officer stops shooting suspect. One victim wounded. Good guy with a gun stopped massacre.

Hillside Elementary School - unrelated adult shot and killed in empty field near school at night. School and students NOT targeted.

Central Florida College - gunman kills himself before he can shoot anyone after roommate calls cops and reports him. Cops surround gunman's apartment who commits suicide. Only one dead is gunman. Good guys with guns again.

Davidson Middle School - suicide in bathroom. School and students NOT targeted.

MIT shooting - campus police officer murdered by Boston Bombing suspects. School and students NOT targeted.

La Salle High School -suicide in class by student. School and students NOT targeted.

Alexander W Dreyfoos - Janitor kills two co-workers. Students not targeted. This is a 50/50.

Northwest High School - unrelated homicide. Person shot and dies in predawn homicide. School and students NOT targeted.

North Panola High School - after school shooting at football game. Likely gang related. School and students NOT targeted.

New Glouchester - suicide during homecoming. School and Students NOT targeted.

Agape Christian Academy - after school shooting not related to school. School and students NOT targeted.

Lanier High School & Algona High School - suicides. Students and schools NOT targeted.

Stephenson High, West Orange High and Liberty Tech - after school shootings due to fights. Schools and students NOT targeted.

South Dakota School of Mines - accidental shooting. Student showing off gun to friend accidentally shoots him. School and students NOT targeted.

Mo Rage said...

And your point is that these moms are "misleading."

You can totally ignore the real point and that is that all these people were shot and/ or killed.

Wow. That is stunning. Nice priorities. Good focus on what's important.

Sevesteen said...

The point is that relying on either of Bloomberg's anti gun groups for information on anything gun related is like relying on Westboro Baptist Church for accurate information on gay rights.

Moms Against Guns isn't about protecting our children, it's about stirring up hysteria in order to ban almost all guns--even Chicago's laws aren't strict enough for them. Accuracy is optional. They rely on people like you, willing to repeat anything they publish without even the most rudimentary fact checking.

They aren't grass roots either, even before Mayor Bloomberg's funding came to light. Shannon Watts claims to have been a stay at home mom for the last 5 years prior, with no anti gun experience until the day she started the facebook page that turned into Moms Demand...but her Linkedin profile said she was president of a public relations firm until 6 months prior, and before that she handled PR as an employee of Monsanto (not very organic...) and GE Healthcare.

But that's OK I guess, so long as their statements agree with your views.

Mo Rage said...

So you just mock my sources, mock the groups and one person in each of two groups so you can ignore the innocent Americans shot and killed in America. That apparently makes sense to you and other weapons supporters but it makes no sense to me or a lot of us out here who would like to see a lot less killings.

Sevesteen said...

I wouldn't expect you to accept a link to the NRA or John Lott as a valid source without at least independent links to unbiased sources. Most pro-gun statistics have links to original data (usually government crime data) while anti gun data is generally hard to get to.

There is a downside to many constitutional rights--Westboro baptist abuses freedom of speech and freedom of religion for example. The 4th amendment in theory makes it harder to arrest criminals. I suppose the 19th amendment was completely good, and the 21st responsible for all alcohol abuse?

Most of the gun control groups claim they don't want to take legitimate hunting guns. If hunting were the only justification for gun ownership, I would be on their side, working towards repealing the second amendment.

Yes, guns are used to commit crime, but they are also used to prevent crime, and to deter crime, and they are at least somewhat necessary to slow tyranny. They were an integral but mostly hidden part of the civil rights movement, google Deacons for Defense.

You make a big point of "the rich control politics" in other areas. Mayor Bloomberg is more than a member of Mayors Against and Moms Demand, he is 90% or more of their funding. Almost all anti gun groups get almost all of their money ultimately from billionaires--either Bloomberg, the Joyce Foundation or George Soros, with the amount of money coming from donors under $1000 each making up well under 10%. (Based on 501c filings) We keep seeing new "grassroots" anti gun groups show up...then when 501c data is available it turns out that their funding is 95% from billionaires.