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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Let the second-guessing and criticism begin...

Obama Will Seek Syria Vote in Congress

As has already been said elsewhere, President Obama should come out for air and oxygen.

Republicans would suffocate.

Doesn't this seem true?

I reading Fox for comments on the President's announcement today. It seems like a shifting school of fish over there. Or is that sheep?
Meanwhile, out of all this?  Good news:
#Syria #NBCNews
This, then, is nothing, if not a "win" for this President, the US, the American people, the world and peace. No, it's not a solution, by any means but it's great for nearly all concerned. Well, except the people being killed by Assad.
Maybe that "peace and love" thing has something to it after all.
The Rethuglicans are gonna' be pissed.
Again, some more.
And ain't 'dat just a dang shame?

Someone needs to point out, however, that the message, the resounding message now, since President Obama has come out for debating this strike and so many Americans are against it, rightly or wrongly (face it, if he's for something, many, many are going to be against it, just because), the message to the Syrians, being killed by their leader, is "F*CK YOU, YOU'RE SCREWED."

But have a nice weekend.
Additional link: 
The Familiar Beat of War Drums

1 comment:

ERnest Evans said...

Dear Mr. Kevin: Good posting!! I am glad that the President is going to ask Congress for permission before any strikes on Syria--such a step is perfectly in keeping with our Constitutional principles. As for Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, it seems like only yesterday that they were marching in the streets chanting "Save lives, not face." And let's not forget John Kerry's famous 1971 statement: "How do you ask someone to die for a mistake?" Bill, Hillary and John, in the immortal words of Pogo: "We have met the enemy, and he is us." You have become what you claimed to hate during the Vietnam War. As for the President, he must be very careful about to whom he looks for advice: Remember, Mr. President, no one today remembers the names of the men who advised Lyndon Johnson to go to war in Vietnam, but everyone remembers LBJ. Right now, Mr. President, there is an excellent chance you are going to go down in history as the Nobel Peace Prize winner who incited a Third World War. Take care and God bless. Sincerely, Respectfully and In Christ, Ernest Evans