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Friday, August 23, 2013

Hope, straight from the very "Red", Right Wing, Republican Southwest Missouri

Straight from the local newspaper who must try to keep these people happy and/or reading:

In the short term, we Republicans need to wake up and support implementation of Obamacare in so far as it expands coverage of insurance to our low-income citizens at little cost to the state. The first three years of the expansion would be paid for 100 percent by the feds. After that, there would be a gradual tapering down to 90 percent federal support.

Expanding Medicaid also makes economic sense. Adding coverage for a more people means more economic activity in the health sector. This equates to thousands of jobs being created, both directly and indirectly. With unemployment still high, there is a need for more jobs in Missouri...

He goes on to finish with this:

It is time for us to face the facts. We do not have the best health care system in the world. Our expenses are out of control and our outcomes are much worse than nations with a single payer system, like Canada.

If we really want to change America for the better while turning around electoral losses in Congress and the presidency, we Republicans should propose something that can actually get the votes needed for passage. That something is Medicare for all.

That one, above, was followed, in the same paper, by this one, too:

It is time for ideas.

Good start. And long, long overdue. He goes on:

In my opinion, we have three major problems to overcome — cheap, reliable energy (our economy depends on it); delivery of health care; and education.

If we solve these three huge areas, our economy booms and unemployment falls, as an educated and healthy workforce fills the created jobs.

As unemployment falls so do a host of social ills, including drug use, divorce, spousal and child abuse and use of government safety nets.

If the above is true, then where are our ideas?

It seems our ideas have been — drill for energy, open up the market for health care and school vouchers. While all have a place and can fit into a sound bite, they are simplistic and only partial solutions.

He closes:

Nature abhors a vacuum and so does politics. If we resolve as a party to cease to worry about elections we will lead. We will fight for ideas, not political power. We will show the same sacrifice for our ideas that our founders did for theirs and win or lose, not abandon them for political expediency or gain.

If they--the Republicans and Right Wing and whomever--could work more--far more--on ideas and benefits for America, all of America and Americans and the middle-class and lower-class and working class instead of singularly the wealthy and corporations (from where they get their "campaign contributions"), maybe they wouldn't fail so miserably (wonderfully?) and repeatedly in the last 13 years.

And maybe more of America would be employed and the entire nation would function better and in nearly all aspects.

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