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Monday, August 12, 2013

Further Proof: What We Need to Change in Our Political System and Government

I've said it here before and I will continue to write on this and push for change until it's changed or I'm no longer here.

That is, getting the big, ugly, corrupting money of the wealthy and corporations out of our election system and government.

I think most all Americans can and do agree we need to do that. That is, unless they're one of the few benefiting from it.

This article, yesterday, from The New York Times highlights the problem:

For Freshmen in the House, Seats of Plenty

It's this, from the column:

WASHINGTON — Representative Andy Barr, a Republican from Kentucky with little experience in the intricacies of Wall Street, was among the lucky House freshmen to secure a seat on the powerful Financial Services Committee.

Now, half a year into his first term, he has emerged as a telling example of why the panel is sometimes called “the cash committee” — a place, critics say, where there are big incentives for freshmen to do special favors for the industry.

Mr. Barr, 40, a first-time elected official, has raised nearly as much money this year from political action committees run by major banks, credit unions and insurance companies as longtime lawmakers like Speaker John A. Boehner and other party leaders.

The flood of financial industry cash — $150,000 in political action committee donations to Mr. Barr in just six months — is hardly an accident.

One afternoon in April, Mr. Barr hosted credit union lobbyists and executives in his House office just before a committee hearing, promising that he would help protect a federal tax break worth $500 million a year, the executives said. Last month, he introduced legislation to eliminate a new federal rule intended to prevent banks from issuing mortgages to customers who could not afford to repay the debt — a measure pushed by bank lobbyists who had visited his office.

“People support him because they agree with him,” Catherine Gatewood, Mr. Barr’s spokeswoman, said after he declined requests for an interview

Yeah, sure they do.

This, ladies and gentlemen, points out, yet again, just what, exactly is wrong, ultimately, with our government.

Our legislators and representatives in government aren't out own. They legislate for the wealthy and corporations, first, for those "campaign contributions." Then, after that, if we're lucky, they legislate for the people.

If even then.

We have to work--fight, even, if necessary--to end campaign contributions, once and for all. We have to end the money flow from the "haves" to our legislators.

As it is now, they own our representatives, their legislation and so, our laws and ultimately, our government.

Let's work to get our government--America, really--back for all Americans.

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