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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Some Takeaways On the World's Happiest Nations Report

The world's happiest nations were announced today by the by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network for the United Nations.

world happiness report.jpg

World's happiest countries named


--The US isn't the happiest

--The US isn't in the top 3

--The US isn't in the top 5

--The US isn't even in the top 10

--The US is in the 13th position

Here's what I love.

The top ten "happiest nations"?


All Socialist.

Every one.

Here's another kicker. Another takeaway. Frankly, it's one more slam on us, the US.

Israel ranks higher in happiness than the US.


Surrounded by their enemies. Set upon and attacked, not infrequently, by Palestinians yet they have a higher happiness rating than we do here in the United States.

So, America.  Could we learn some things here?


Soon as possible?

Here's one:  The lady was right.

We are #Strongertogether.


World Happiness Report Update 2016

Americans are much, much more likely to be killed by guns than  people in other countries

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