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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Note to the Kansas City Star

Ladies and gentlemen at the Kansas City Star:

You know your readership is falling off. You've known and experienced it, sadly, for years. We all know it. We ache for you. Heck, we ache for our society. The local newspaper is something we used to all share. It was a foundation of information  most of us all checked in on daily and read. We know those days are gone.

But some people still read you, of course, and thank goodness. And some others of us out here read you online. I'm one of them. And I've noticed something about you and what you do daily. My suggestion, if taken, could help you, I believe, if you take and execute it.

The suggestion?

You have to be like the "big boys" out there in newspaper land---like your counterpart across the state, for instance, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch---and CHANGE YOUR ONLINE PAGE ONCE A DAY.

You have to update. Daily. It has to change.

Apparently this is a radical idea for you all down there or a lot to ask or expect but--NEWS FLASH:  if your site doesn't change daily, there's no reason for us out here to check in on you daily.

Imagine that.

Now I know the Post-Dispatch comparison is a tough one because they're much bigger and have more money and they're an older paper (I think/believe) and have more power (read:; Pulitzers) behind them but YOU CAN DO THIS. In fact, you really must do this. If you don't change up your paper online, daily, you will lose any reason for people to check in on you. I know. I looked in yesterday, read some articles and then checked today, just now.  WAY too many of the same, leftover articles.

I know this is tough. I know it demands more of you. I know it will likely cost. And it requires some creativity, too, sure. But that's the business you're in today and you more than likely know it.

So that's what needs to happen, Star. I hope you can do it. You need it, we need it. You need it to exist. You need it to stay relevant. You need it so it keeps the clicks happening, online. You need it to keep the revenue coming in.

It's not fun. It's not pretty, Yes, it's demanding but you have to do it or, God forbid, you won't be around.

This is about your survival.

The clock is ticking.

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