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Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Shameless Catherine Hanaway

Catherine Hanaway is rather famously running for the position of Missouri governor this year. She's backed by moneybags, government- and legislator-buying, St. Louis billionaire Rex Sinquefield and her latest TV ad is just, as I said above, shameless.

She's back to the same, old, very tired Republican campaign tactics of running a fear-based campaign and it's not just disappointing, it's disgusting.

It's also a lie.

Missouri is not, in fact, in any way "lawless" or getting close to devolving into any state remotely resembling lawlessness. Not even close.

The ad mentions rioting in Ferguson, totally ignoring the fact that an American was killed, needlessly in that city and that the area is shown, statistically, to have police incidents that target blacks for arrests and prosecution.

Justice Department finds racial bias 

in Ferguson police

If there were any true "lawlessness", it might well be in the Police Department itself. And if not lawlessness, then certainly not just injustice but gross injustice.

I wrote about this some time ago, Rex Sinquefield and his clear, even blatant attempts to buy this political race and election, outright, as well as other legislators and elections:

Missourians, you and your government 

are being bought---and sold

Not satisfied to merely buy---and own---Missouri's governor, Mr. Sinquefield is also trying his utmost to also buy himself his own---our--Lieutenant Governor:

Here's more of Mr. Sinquefield's political handiwork:
So let's be clear here, Missourians, let's be aware:

--First, our state is no way devolving into anything remotely close to "lawlessness.

--Second, these are just ugly, in our face fear-mongering tactics on the part of Ms. Hanaway and it's very typical, Republican campaign tactics we should no way fall for;

--Third and finally, Rex Sinquefield is, again, trying to buy his own government representatives and so, our government, our legislators.

Let's not fall for any of it, Missouri. It's shameful, again, all of it, ugly, and very clear attempts to scare us into voting Ms. Hanaway and people like her into government office.

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