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Monday, June 27, 2016

The Brexit Mess

The sky isn't falling, of course, nor do I think it will but with the UK having their rather significant vote a few days ago, it seems a good deal came out of it, both nationally, for them, as well as for the world. Herewith are a few headlines of examples from the weekend so far.

Pound takes a beating, markets in tailspin 

after British vote to exit E.U.

It would be bad enough if it only hurt the UK but then there are the damages it did on this side of the pond, of course.

And then there are the world markets it hit:

And not bad enough it hurt the UK--and its allies--quickly, it also gave its enemies cause for celebration:

There were some glimmers of hope, fortunately. On this first one, it seems millions of Brits want a "second shot", a second vote on this whole Brexit idea. They have misgivings about the turnout.

On this one, lots of UK business leaders and investors think the populace will dismiss the idea outright:

So at this point, I and a lot of us are just hoping some good, somehow, comes of this vote they had. We shall see. It would be nice if they rethought it, had yet another election, and voted it down.

Hey, I can dream, can't I?

There is an old insult people used to throw around. It went like this--if you didn't like someone, for whatever reason, they would tell them "May you live in interesting times."

Between Donald Trump running for the Presidency and this Brexit vote, someone must have had it in for humanity about now.


Anonymous said...

If the English voted to leave the European Union over sovereignty concerns, then what are the Scots, Irish, & Welsh to think of that? All three of these have enjoyed a renaissance of their original cultures, not limited to a resurrection of their native languages.

Mo Rage said...

Scotland, Ireland and Wales "...have enjoyed a renaissance of their original cultures, not limited to a resurrection of their native languages"?

Because England said they could? Because the UK allowed it?

Shouldn't they have their own self-determination, too?


Anonymous said...

Exactly my point. Scotland's First Minister has already indicated just this. Adam Smith was a Scotsman.

If The United Kingdom has the right to leave the European Union, then the conquered peoples of the United Kingdom have the right to leave them. Maybe, Wales will chose their own Prince.