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Friday, June 19, 2015

Kansas and the Guv All Over the Internets

Check out all the press Kansas and their glorious leader are getting lately:

No law will be safe when Brownback is in office. Or at least the ones he doesn't like, anyway.

From Yael Abouhalkah at the Star:

That cackling sound is GovSam Brownback having last laugh on Kansans

From Barbara Shelly at that same local Star:

Only in Sam Brownback’s Land of Oz is a $400 million tax increasenot a tax increase

More nationally, there's these two from Salon online magazine:

From "Talking Points Memo"

Also from TPM:


Here's some about his latest scheme to attack the Judiciary and make it Right Wing and partisan. This from Barbara Shelly at the Star again:

GovSam Brownback and Kansas Legislature mount breathtakingassault on judges’ independence

While this one is from Slate magazine:

The Kansas Supreme Court Has Only One Option: Sue Gov. SamBrownback

Finally, from the Ottawa Herald rather sums it up for the rest of us:

How long until Kansans end this?

Read m
ore here:

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