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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Only One Candidate for President is Talking Issues and Solutions

That's right. Only one candidate for President right now for our 2016 election is talking America's issues and problems---and solutions.

The Republicans have all these candidates:

And of all of them, all they can talk about is something they want to complain about Hillary Clinton or something they want us to believe about her. Or they want to talk about how gays and/or same sex marriage is going to undo American civilization. Or they want to make yet one more piece of legislation curbing women's otherwise very private and personal reproductive choices, all in the hopes of reducing the number of abortions in the nation. Forget that they're for "small government." They want Uncle Sam to reach into the most private decisions and areas of a woman's and couple's life.

And then there's Hillary Clinton who isn't answering many questions lately. She did reach out and answer some, finally, this week, God bless her. Not much but we'll take it. Because we have to.

So in the meantime? Of all the current candidates for president of the United States of America in the 2016 race, who's the one candidate bringing up America's problems---and offering solutions?? 

The one person?

Look no further than one Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders.jpg

A possible new ground war with Iraq?

Senator Sanders has made statements on it--public statements.

Taxes, tax issues and fairness?

Senator Sanders has covered it.

Tax breaks for billionaires?


Wealth inequality?

Health care in America?

The Patriot Acts and the NSA spying?

Pollution in our environment?

Our colleges and higher education?

All covered by Senator Sanders, Bernie as he's known.

That and a lot more.

So if you--we--really want a candidate who's serious about America's problems and the solutions for them, maybe go to the person who's asking the questions and offering solutions to the REAL issues of the day.

Yes, that would be one Senator Bernie Sanders, candidate for US president, 2016.

Bernie Sanders - Wikipedia


Anonymous said...

The senator is from Vermont, not Virginia.

Mo Rage said...

Typo. Oversight.