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Thursday, May 14, 2015

KC Makes the List of the Best

Check that out---Kansas City makes the list of the top 15 cities in the nation:

Top 15 Best Places to Live

Not just in the top 15 but THE NUMBER ONE SPOT

Kansas City is number one on the LookyLocal list of the top 15 best places to live. It is known to some folks as the hone of swing and bebop, for most others it's known as the "City of Fountains." For many reasons, the music enthusiasts have been drawn to the unique jazz clubs and old tales of famous musicians like the one and only Charlie Parker. Kansas City has more fountains than Rome and there are always plenty of opportunities for scenic for scenic strolling from one fountain to another.

In Kansas City, most people choose to take a break to discover the many interesting neighborhoods as well as browse through some of the city's (sic) eclectic shops. A BIG plus about Kansas City is that families are particularly attracted to the city due to its popular child-friendly venues and events. Kansas City was once a trading post for pioneers that were heading to the Western United States. Today Kansas City offers many activities and attractions for visitors of all ages and all possible interests. 


This is great, of course. Sure. Naturally.And we appreciate it. Certainly.

But Kansas City? Number one?

Ahead of Austin?

And San Diego?


Side note:  St. Louis took the number 9 spot.

Worse,  for St. Louis. Far worse, in fact. They made the number 2 in this list:

St. Louis - In Photos: The 10 Most Dangerous U.S. Cities

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