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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Winstead's No, Town Topic Yes

From Yahoo News yesterday:

Town Topic Hamburgers in Kansas City, Missouri.

Town Topic on the list. What they had to say:

Town Topic — The classic “slider” has nothing to do with a burger’s diminutive size: Although the term was made famous by White Castle, sliders refer to thin patties cooked on a griddle atop (and below) shredded raw onion. As the onions cook, they release water, creating additional steam heat that helps shape the flavor of the beef — a process that Solares calls “steam griddling.” At Kansas City’s 24-hour icon Town Topic, those sliders are available as single, double, and triple burgers (with our without cheese). And though the restaurant also offers “bigger”-sized burgers, Solares calls its real-deal sliders “the most elemental of burger forms.” 2021 Broadway, Kansas City MO 64108

As I said, no Winstead's.  

And no Westport Flea Market...

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