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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Kansas and Social Media Just Now

I just saw this on Facebook today.

Congratulations, Kansas. This is who and what you are and what people are learning about you--on top of the fact that you give tax breaks to the wealthy and corporations and have no budget for schools and a downgraded bonds because of it:

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence's photo.

1 comment:

Sevesteen said...

Is there a rational basis for opposing legal carry, is it based on theoretical problems that don't actually happen, or do you just want to make it as difficult and expensive as you can get away with?

Where has legal carry caused actual problems? Is there any evidence that mandatory training is effective? Since it is already illegal for felons and adjudicated mentally ill to possess guns, what good does a background check do?

If I'm driving through a city with a gun that is legal in the rest of the state, should I be arrested because my gun is too small?

It is easier and probably safer to blame legal gun owners for gun violence, but it isn't honest. Gun violence is caused by criminals, not by NRA members who suddenly snap. We should concentrate on violent people, not adding rules to nonviolent people who already follow the rules.

Most of this is like restricting communion wine to reduce DUI.